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Bench jewelers sustain a millennia-old, universal tradition that commemorates and shapes the most fundamental aspects of human experience—identity, memory, celebration, love. Yet the act of making jewelry is paradoxically private, as many jewelers bring their creations to life in solitude. We invite you to this intimate look inside the lives of jewelers. Won't you join us from your bench?

About Courtney

Austin, TX Artist​

Creative Business Coach and Consultant 

Host of "For the Love of Jewelers" Podcast at Rio Grande Jewlery Supply 

Courtney's passion for custom jewelry design evolved in a natural progression from her studies of sculpture and artistic metal work.  She began using copper and steel in her collegiate studies of art metals and welding technologies.  In 1996, she happily found herself working as a casting technician and bench jeweler for a local manufacturing company. 


After completing multiple certifications in art metals and metal sculpture, Courtney embarked on an intensive educational journey to Europe.  While studying at the German HandWerksKammer School in Koblenz, she received five international certifications in as many welding processes.


Upon her return to Austin, Courtney utilized her passion and inspiration to build her own jewelry studio.  There she employed her vast knowledge of jewelry design and fabrication, as well as her extensive skills and techniques in art metals and welding technologies.


But she did not stop there!  Courtney felt a driving desire to share her knowledge and passion with others, which led in the culmination of Austin's premier jewelry school.  The school quickly became a beloved home for local jewelers and aspiring metal smiths from all over the world, where Courtney taught the lost art of wax casting alongside other invited experts and masters. Retiring from this chapter in 2019 she now focuses her time on interviewing jewelry makers and movers and shakers in the industry, globally on the Rio Grande podcast "For the Love of Jewelers". She is also now offering her knowledge base and experience to Creative businesses of all sizes and mediums as a Creative Consultant and expert in marketing, content and business development and scaling for success. 


Courtney designs and creates one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, specializing in custom engagement rings, wedding bands, pendants and heirloom rejuvenation. She finds a great sense of happiness and accomplishment working with clients to develop their original, custom pieces.  Courtney's devotion to her craft and her clients' satisfaction has made her one of Austin most distinguished custom jewelers. 

Courtney finds balance between her worlds of consultant, coach, podcast producer & custom jeweler, wife & mother, and singer-songwriter with the local band Suburban Beat.  While most of her friends and colleagues are not sure how she does it all, they are sure that she especially devotes herself to infusing all her worlds and artistic endeavors with positive energy, good intention, and most importantly, love.  This is where Courtney truly succeeds. 

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