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For The Love of Jewelers:
A Jewelry Journey Podcast

Brought to you by Rio Grande Jewelry Supply and hosted by Courtney Gray 

Bench jewelers sustain a millennia-old, universal tradition that commemorates and shapes the most fundamental aspects of human experience—identity, memory, celebration, love. Yet the act of making jewelry is paradoxically private, as many jewelers bring their creations to life in solitude. We invite you to this intimate look inside the lives of jewelers. Won't you join us from your bench?

About the Podcast

For the Love of Jewelers: A Jewelry Journey Podcast will connect listeners with the honest, inspirational stories of leaders and influencers engaged in the art and business of jewelry-making.
Now entering its third season, enjoy this podcast at your bench, in your home or car...wherever you are, we're glad you're here. Listen on your favorite platforms

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